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Source releases consists of the Particle Base System including the AwareCon stack, board and sensor drivers, and a simple example program. Basically, everything someone needs to start his own projects from scratch. The releases may be splitted into both a release for CCS compiler and for the new SDCC. Please note the differences between the two compilers as stated on the SDCC page. For the SDCC base system you should refer to this page as it may include a newer version than the SDCC installer package.

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Latest release for 2/32 Particles (01.07.2006)

Code for the new 2/32 Particles (CCS Compiler) Download

Latest release for 2/29 Particles (21.03.2005)

Code for 2/29 Particles Download

previous releases

If you want to use a previous release of the Particle Base System, you can download older releases from the previous releases page.

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