Particle Computer is a platform for rapid prototyping of Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing environments, for Ad-Hoc (Sensor) Networks, Wearable Computers, Home Automation and Ambient Intelligence Environments. The platform consists of ready-to-run hardware components, software applications and libraries for the hardware and a set of development tools for rapid prototyping. Particle Computers hardware was TecOs part in the former Smart-Its project and consists of small embedded sensor/actuator computers with wireless communication (see picture).

Particle Computer research addresses basic problems that come up when building environments with computer systems that are integrated into (everyday) objects and environments. The aim of Particle Computers is to allow development of Ubicomp artefacts, embedded wireless sensor nodes etc. for developers not familiar with embedded systems, hardware, low-level or network programming. Particle Computer results are published open source.

In the current status Particle Computers provides a integrated environment that provide access to functionality both by embedded systems experts and by non-computer experts

The devices section provides more information on how to get Particle Computers and join the Particle Computer research effort. For development information see the Developer section. and in the Forum.