(selftest board)                   


SELFTESTBOARD                                                 PARTICLE 2/10 with SELFTEST BOARD




The Self test board was designed to check the CONAN connector of the Particle. Never use the self test board for anything else.

Never plug the self test board on a running particle, you can short circuit the microprocessor

In order to use the self test board, the appropriate code must be prepared in the particle. If the software has not included the self test, it cannot be executed and the self test board may never be plugged in!

If the code for the self test is included (see selftest.c) you can always check the particle for correct and error free connection. The procedure is as follows:


  1. Make sure your particle carries the code to perform the self test
  2. turn the particle off
  3. plug the self test board and no other board into the particle
  4. turn on the particle and watch the LEDs:
    1. the blue LED flashed quickly 2 times to show that the self test board was detected
    2. then the blue LED stays on for a longer time to show that the self test is over
    3. then the blue LED is turned off and on again for a good particle or turned off and the red LED is turned on for a bad particle
    4. after that, the red led blinks and the stack starts
    5. as long as the self test board is plugged, the particle sends out the self test report
    6. as long as the self test board is plugged the particle will accept packets to reset its ID with e.g. SetID in the particle analyser.