Add On for RSSI Measurement on Particle 2/1x

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The RSSI-board is a tiny add-on for the 2/1x platform that can be soldered onto the Particle. It does not extend the size of outline of the particle and does not interfere with any existing functionality or additional board (as sensor boards etc.). The tiny RSSI-add-on provides precise RSSI measurement directly from the RF signal.

Steps to solder the tiny RSSI board to the Particle 2/10

  1. The 32 kHz Oscillator clock has to be turned to the Particle connector side. Just take the oscillator and bend it so the oscillator is directed towards the connector side as shown in the picture below. Now you see the 4 solder pads needed to attach the RSSI-board onto it. These solder pads correspond to the 4 solder pads on the RSSI-board
  2. Add some tin to the solder-pads of the Particle Boards if needed. Then take the RSSI-Board and align it so that the solder-pads of the RSSI-Board match the Solder-Pads of the Particle-Board. The solder-pads on the Particle-Boards are a little bit larger than the solder-pads on the RSSI-Boards, so the board should come to rest as shown below.
  3. Solder the RSSI-Board carefully.
  4. Done. The Board looks now like this: