(program particle + spart)                   


The Spart sensor board (sensor board with processor) is connected to the particle core board via a remote procedure call (RPC). Therefore, the particle core board carries a RPC server that provides the most important functions of the RF stack over a 625kBit/s serial connection. Those functions can then be used by any other connected processor that implements the RPC client functions. The application design with this hardware combination foresees the RF core as RPC server and the spart as RPC client. The RF core board carries only the RPC server and nothing else. The code for the user application is placed on the spart sensor board. This has the advantage that the RF protocol is completely outsourced from the application and a multitask platform is generated. The application has the full control over the processor on the sensor board and no resource sharing with the RF stack is necessary as the stack runs on the other processor on the RF core board. No 13ms interrupts occur on the sensor board.





This program sends out all sensors of the spart board. It works similar to the simpall.c. The rpc_acl_client.c file provides a remote procedure call of the ACL functions from the sensor board side. The rpc client implements all necessary ACL function and realizes the remote call on the core board.

Whenever an ACL function on the sensor board is used, the rpc_acl_client.c translates the call to a RPC call that is then communicated via serial to the core board. This makes the programming very comfortable as the same ACL function definitions can be used. The underlying RPC server/client concept calls the functions on the core board.