µParticle Interface: Connectors etc.

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µParticle Interface

Board to Board connectors provide the flexiblity to combine the various modules of the µParticle system such as µPart Boards and µSensor Boards The connector used on all Particle devices is ERNI's 6 pin MicroStack 0.8mm connector There are no male and female connectors, all connectors can be stacked togehter (here is a eagle library file for this connector):

µPart connectors share the same concept of the Particle Connector but (because they only have 6, not 21 pins) are reduced in function.

The connector is used to


The µPart Interface lines are used for communication of I/O signals (digital and analog), status and control lines (e.g. reset) and for power supply (gnd and V+). The following table gives an overview over the pin assignment for the various boards. Note: many of the lines are multiplexed:

Board Fkt *5
µPart µConf µSense
1 V+ I/O/S: V+ in: 2-5V O/S: V+:3.3V    
2 PowerSens
I/O, ID, Analog I/O/A/D: Port GP2 O/A: ID    
3 Analog,
INT, I2C CLK I/O/A/D: Port GP1 O/D: TX    
4 Analog,
INT, I2C DATA I/O/A/D: Port GP0 I/D: RX    
5 /Reset, INT, I I/D,MCLR: Port GP3 I/D: CTS    
6 GND   GND GND    

I: Input line
O: Output line
S: Supply line
C: Control line
D: Digital line
A: Analog line
B: Bus line

INTx: Interrupt lines (1 mandatory, 2optional)
I/O: digital I/O lines
A: Analog lines
/RESET: System reset line (1 line)
TX,RX: Serial Interface line (2 lines)
PwrSens: Power lines for sensors attached to the µPart Connector

*5: Mandatory functions for that line. Must be provided by all core boards