µAwareCon - Packetformats


Packet Format for RF Network für µParts

Particles communicate to each other using the following protocol format: RF Header + LL Header + LL Payload + LL Tail
The LL Payload contains a ACL packet representing the data the user wants to transmit. Header and tail are generated automatically by the particles' AwareCon communication stack.

RF Header: sync symbol etc.

Synchronization (5 byte)

LL Header: automatically set by the AwareCon communication stack
Version (2 bit)
Length of payload (6 bit)
Fieldstrength(2 bit)
Sequencenumber (6 bit)
ID (4 bytes)

LL Payload: contains an ACL packet (max size of ACL packet is 64 bytes)
Type (high byte)
Type (low byte)
length of data (1 byte)
Data (length bytes)

LL Tail: CRC over header und payload
CRC (high byte)
CRC (low byte)