Howto upgrade the XBridge firmware on the XPort

This document describes the procedure of the firmware update of the XPort on a XBridge. Please note, that the XPort is just one of three components on the XBridge. Refer to for more information about the XBridge.

The upgrade is done in four steps. You will need the XPort installer to proceed. Please download it from In order to work properly XBridges and the PC running the XPort installer need to be within one broadcast network. Note, all your previous settings, e.g. ports, location information and field strength, are safely stored and will be reloaded after the upgrade.

  1. Start the XPort Installer program and search for XPorts

  2. Select the XPort you want to update and click the “Upgrade-Button”

  3. Select the newest Firmware XPT.ROM

  4. Reboot XBridge manually by unplugging/re-plugging the power supply to ensure that all components reboot properly.