Howto upgrade the XBridge firmware on the Particle

This document describes the procedure of the firmware update of the Bridge Particle on a XBridge. Please note, that the Particle is just one of three components on the XBridge. Refer to for more information about the XBridge

For the upgrade it is necessary to open the blue plastic box of the XBridge device and to remove the Particle inside. Please hold a screwdriver ready. The Particle can only be reprogrammed using a flash programmer such as the Galep.
Note, no information will be lost during this procedure because it is not stored on the Particle.

  1. Remove the power-supply and the network cable from the Xbridge device. Then open the blue plastic box and remove carefully the Particle.

  2. Plug-in the Particle in the the programming adapter in your flash programming unit as shown on the picture below.

  3. Select the newest Firmware bridge.hex from XBRIDGE-XPort directory of the current XBridge release
    and burn it down on the Particle's microcontroller. (Figures show the process in the Galep programm)

    1   2   3

  4. Plug-in the Particle on the connector on the XBridge device and reassemble the blue plastic box again. Plug in the network cable and then power-up the XBridge device. After the boot sequence you are ready to use the XBridge.