How to build my own Power Connector

from right to left: figure1,2,3                    

  1. Buy Molex part number 51021-0200 (e.g. Farnell order no 889-477) and Molex part number 6660012 (e.g. Farnell order number 889-570)
  2. You now have the housing and the cable (figure 1)
  3. Attach the cable to the housing (figure 2) with the pin (stands up) so that it can snap into the housing (figure 3)
  4. Use the other side of the cable and do the same (figure 4)
  5. To have some strain relieve use hot glue over the connector (figure 5)
  6. Cut the Cable into two pieces and solder it to your battery or battery holder


figure 4,5