(First steps to a running program)                   


Our software is written for CCS C Compiler.:

If you have installed the Compiler make sure, that you use it with the “+FH” option to choose the right target processor family. After a compile, ccs creates a couple of files in the directory of the source.c file. Important ones are:

  1. source.LST file:
    this file gives you information of your ROM and RAM size of your code, shows how c command have been translated into assembler code.
  2. source.HEX file:
    his is the executable binary for the microprocessors. This file has to be programmed into the processors ROM via GALEP or OTAP.
    Remember: Using GALEP to program your Particle or Spart deletes the internal EEPROM of the PIC. OTAP on the other hand preserves this content. The external is never touched in either procedure!)
  3. source.ERR file:
    shows you the error that occurred during compile

  Sometimes it might happen, that your code is too large for the PIC. Typical workaround for this could be:

  1. Try to avoid using floats where not necessary
  2. cut your functions into smaller pieces and use the “#separate” compiler directive